16.5 - Bonus Episode - Celebrating a Milestone… and a Giveaway!

October 6, 2017

Join Juliette and Kellie in this bonus episode as we are celebrating the milestone of reaching 2000 downloads!  It’s a great time to offer a giveaway from our friends at TombowUSA. Listen in to learn how to enter.  Deadline to enter October 27, 2017, winner to be announced November 3.



October 6, 2017

What is it that inspires you?  Join Juliette and Kellie as they explore the idea of inspiration, where it touches their lives and some of the ways they are inspired.



September 22, 2017

Pens Pens Pens!  Juliette and Kellie talk about the type of pens they like, love and just don't enjoy.


14.5 - Bonus Episode: i am the diva Weekly Challenge

September 18, 2017

In this bonus episode - Juliette and Kellie are the guest hosts of the i am the diva weekly Zentangle challenge.  


14-Inner Critic

September 8, 2017

Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we would ever be with a friend - in today's episode Juliette and Kellie discuss our Inner Critic. Listen as they explore this negative voice and how it affects creativity.



August 25, 2017

Juliette walks through the tangle Punzel with Kellie in this episode.  It can be a tricky tangle so please reference step outs at www.Artsamuse.com and www.soundtangle.com.  In addition to sharing the "how to" of drawing the tangle, Juliette and Kellie share how the tangle can be incorporated into active relaxation and breathing using the Zentangle(r)  Method. 



August 11, 2017

In this episode Kellie proposes to Juliette that they just start talking without a plan.  Listen in and see why spontaneity creates its own fear and sometimes a need for boundaries. 



July 28, 2017

In this episode of TanglePod Juliette and Kellie talk about their different approaches to the String step of Zentangle, listen as they explore why they feel differently about the String than they do the Border in Episode 5 and 6.



July 14, 2017

Kellie and Juliette talk about the many faces of fear in this episode – and how it can affect daily living as well as the fear of being creative.


09-Who is Zentangle For?

June 30, 2017

Juliette and Kellie explore who can benefit from regular Zentangle practice. Wondering if its for you? It probably is!